Signs Your Boyfriend Is Just Not into You Anymore


1You’re Only There To Satisfy Him

It can become pretty apparent when he only calls or messages you to come over so you can do the nasty. You’ll begin to feel like an object instead of a person in a loving relationship. Yes, we all want to please our lovers…but there is a limit to how much you can be used like a piece of tissue. The moment he’s bored, you’re GONE.

2Why So Secretive?

Have you noticed you no longer get invited by him to hang with his friends or family? Well that’s because he now wants to keep you a secret and ONLY to himself. And while that may seem sexy that he’s being possessive…he’s not. He’s actually just a tad embarrassed to still be dating you, so he’d rather no one really knew.

3The Conversation Sucks

He will NEVER ask questions deeper than surface ones if he has no interest in you. He only asks how your day was to give the impression he cares what you do…which he absolutely doesn’t. Instead of getting to know you, he fills up the time you talk with stories about himself and what he’s interested.

4The Communication Fades

When your in love, you want to spend every minute with that person, not matter how busy you are. You’ll come up with any excuse to speak to your partner, or go and see them. But if he’s no longer into you, he’ll fill his time with other hobbie and people…leaving you on the sidelines.

5Talking About His Ex

The moment he begins to mention his ex is the moment you’ve almost completely lost him! Sharing stories of his past lover and the way they did things means he’s completely unhappy with your relationship. You should feel offended that he would ever compare you with his past, and confront him if he continues.

6Time To End It?

If you don’t feel like one of his top priorities in his life, it’s time for you to end it. If he doesn’t want to talk, spend time with you or grow as a couple, what’s the point of it all? You deserve someone who will adore, value and appreciate you each and every day, not when it’s convenient for them. We all make time for what we feel is important in our lives!

Couple On An Island Ask The Internet For Photoshop Help, They Didn’t Expect This LOL


1Photoshop Couple

‘Can you Photoshop the island out for me?’ they asked the online community of 4chan. The response was the polar opposite of what this couple was expecting…

2Sure, No Problem

The members of 4chan sure did photoshop the image…but not the way the two lovebirds wanted!


They even completely REMOVED them from the picture LOL

4Congrats Donald!

Oh look, Donald trump is in love! Will the Republicans agree with this?

5They Got Trolled!

Lol it is such a strange request from a seemingly perfect couple. Perhaps they just meant brighten and fix the quality of the image. Either way, they got a lot more than they asked for!

Random People Caught Publicly in Extremely Awkward Positions


1The Dirty

Doing the dirty in public is exhilarating, but also potentially embarrassing. Guess which one these are? Hint: both is an option.

2The Peek

The art of the peek is just that, bro: an art. You are making it into a crude, effort-less act, don’t be that guy.

3When You Gotta Nut, You Gotta Nut!

And, this elephant clearly HAS to nut. No time for tours, people, it’s go time!

4Junk in the Trunk

And by junk, we mean a lifetime’s worth of elephant hormones in its trunk.

5Jealous Much?

We can’t all be as well endowed as this large breasted lady, but try not to make your jealousy/disgust so obvious, mkay?

6When Selfies Go Too Far

We could create a whole gallery about embarrassing selfies, but this one speaks for itself.

7Got Milk?

This kid may not have that little thing we call subtlety, but he does have an eye-full of boob, and he will sleep well enough with that in mind.

Things you only learned about sex after having sex (Photo Gallery)


1Eye Protection

You never know when things will fly (or squirt) into your eye during the nasty.

2Lube Taste

We give you props for trying to be inventive…but yeah girl, lube taste is HORRIBLE!

3Scrambled Eggs

Hey, pretty logical thinkingl…if your 13!

4The Horror!

No man wan’ts to feel like they’re Mike Meyers and your their latest victim…not sexy.

5The Sweats

As if you have pneumonia, or are going through drug withdraws…gross!

6Coach, Im Hurt!

Look, sex is an active sport…it requires training and mental preparation. Now go get em champ!

7What Was That?

They just will…so make sure your glade scented candle is lit!